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Stored procedures
Displays a "Toast" message.
Toasts are a short messages that appear on the screen for a few seconds before fading out without any user intervention. A Toast message does not gain focus, it is not modal and it does not interrupt the execution of the application.
Toasts are recommended to show information to the user without locking the execution of the application (e.g.: display a message to indicate that the download has been completed).
Toast message in Android
MyToast is Toast
MyToast.Title = "Did you know?"
MyToast.Text = "AAFs are really cool."
MyToast.Button[1].Caption = "Learn more..."
MyToast.Button[1].ActionClick = FuncHelp
MyToast.ActionClose = clickClose
INTERNAL Procedure FuncHelp
Open ("WIN_Help")
INTERNAL Procedure clickClose(nButton)
Trace("Click to close. Button: " + nButton)

Displaying a toast based on a Toast variable Hide the details

<Toast>: Toast variable
Name of the Toast variable that defines the toast to be displayed.

Managing threads

<Toast>.Display can be called from a WLanguage thread (to notify the user of events that occurred during the thread execution for example).

Successive calls

If <Toast>.Display is called several times, each toast is displayed once the previous toast has disappeared. This behavior can be changed using the Overlayable property of the Toast variable. This property allows you to get the same behavior as in version 24: toasts overlap each other.
iPhone/iPad If <Toast>.Display is called several times, only the last call to the function will be taken into account.
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[ + ] This example shows how to use the ToastDisplay and ToastDisplayIW functions as well as Toast variables. A Toast is a temporary message used to inform the user without interrupting the application.
Business / UI classification: UI Code
Component: wd280obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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