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Stored procedures
Changes the drawing mode on a variable of type WDPic. This drawing mode is used by the drawing functions (<WDPic variable>.DrawLine, <WDPic variable>.DrawRectangle, etc.).
MyWDPic is WDPic = "Test.gif"
// Draws a rectangle in a WDPic variable and erases it
// Displays the rectangle (in XOR mode)
MyWDPic.DrawRectangle(0, 0, 100, 100)
// Erases the rectangle
MyWDPic.DrawRectangle(0, 0, 100, 100)
IMG_MyDrawing = MyWDPic
<WDPic image>.ChangeMode(<New mode>)
<WDPic image>: WDPic variable
Name of the WDPic variable to be used. Only the background layer will be handled.
<New mode>: Integer constant
Mode for drawing in the image:
drawAntiAliasingUses the GDI+ and/or the features of the video card to draw the lines and the circles without jagged effects. This drawing mode is slower but the results are better than with the standard mode.
drawDefaultStandard colors.
drawXORColors applied via an "exclusive or" operation with the background. Erases a drawing if this option is used twice.
CAUTION: This drawing mode is not compatible with the management of opacity (the drawing is not erased anymore).
  • The drawing in XOR mode is available for the Image controls only. The drawing in XOR mode is not available for the Image variables.
  • The drawXOR constant cannot be combined with the drawAntiAliasing constant.
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The anti-aliasing consists in drawing the lines and the circles without jagged effects. This feature requires the GDI+ framework (which means the WINDEV framework). Example:
  • <WDPic variable>.DrawChord is not supported in this mode.
  • To avoid the jagged edges, the colors and the lines of elements are smoothed out. Some drawing functions can have an unexpected behavior because the specified colors are no longer found. For example, if a borderline color is specified for <WDPic variable>.Fill, this color is not found: the entire area is filled up.
  • For a drawing with anti-aliasing, <WDPic variable>.DrawPolygon and <WDPic variable>.DrawSlice have the following behavior. The outline is drawn above the inside of the polygon: therefore, the line is partly combined with the inside of the polygon. If the line is very thick, it will be displayed in two colors.
  • For more details on the use of GDI+, see GDI+ framework.
Related Examples:
The drawing functions Unit examples (WINDEV): The drawing functions
[ + ] Using the main drawing functions of WINDEV to:
- Initialize an Image control for drawing
- Draw simple shapes
- Write a text into a drawing
- Change the color in a drawing
Business / UI classification: Neutral code
Component: wd280pnt.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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