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Stored procedures
Deletes all the drawings made since the call to <Image>.StartDrawing. For a drawing performed in an Image control, the current drawing is destroyed.

Remark: The call to <Image variable>.EndDrawing is optional. The resources are automatically deleted when the window or the page is closed.
Linux Caution: A specific configuration is required to use this function in Linux. For more details, see The drawings.
// Destroy the drawing found in the "IMG_Drawing" control
<Image variable>.EndDrawing()
<Image variable>: Image variable
Name of the Image control to be used.

Use in prefix syntax

<Image>.StartDrawing must be called before using the drawing functions. <Image>.StartDrawing makes it possible to define the drawing options used on the Image control.
For an Image control:
  • The drawing functions operate on a copy ("bitmap") of the image. You can use the drawing functions of Windows (via API or CallDLL32) but these Windows functions must use the DC (Device Context) returned by <Image>.StartDrawing.
  • <Image variable>.EndDrawing and <Image>.StartDrawing must not be called in the same process.
    The drawing will not be displayed if <Image variable>.EndDrawing and <Image>.StartDrawing are called in the same process: it will be automatically erased.
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Minimum version required
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