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Stored procedures
Indicates the color for a type of category in a Waterfall chart.
Remark: If this function is not used, the chart is displayed with the colors selected by default.
CHART_Waterfall.WaterfallColor(grTotal, RGB(83,129,179))
CHART_Waterfall.WaterfallColor(grSubTotal, RGB(103,89,159))
CHART_Waterfall.WaterfallColor(grPositive, RVB(115,179,83))
CHART_Waterfall.WaterfallColor(grNegative, RGB(179,84,92))
<Chart control>.WaterfallColor(<Type of category> , <Color>)
<Chart control>: Control name
Name of the Chart control to use (found in the window editor, report editor or page editor).
<Type of category>: Integer constant
Type of the category for which the color must be defined:
grPositivePositive values of the chart.
grNegativeNegative values of the chart.
grSubTotalSub-total values of the chart.
grTotalTotal values of the chart.
<Color>: Integer or Integer constant
Color for the specified type of category. This color can correspond to:
  • an RGB color (returned by RGB),
  • an HSL color (returned by HSL),
  • a preset color (see the preset colors of WLanguage).
  • the ColorDefault constant:
    • If the DefaultColor constant is used for the grPositive and grNegative types of category, the default colors of series will be used.
    • If the DefaultColor constant is used for the grSubTotal type of category and if specific colors are used for the grPositive and grNegative types of category, these specific colors will be used for the sub-total.
  • The colors defined for the categories by <Chart>.CategoryColor have priority over the colors defined by <Chart>.WaterfallColor.
  • This function applies to the Waterfall charts only.
Related Examples:
WD Chart Training (WINDEV): WD Chart
[ + ] This example shows the different uses of the chart control.
The following charts are presented:
- Semi-circular
- Donut
- Pie
- Sunburst
- Line
- Scatter
- 3D Scatter
- Column
- Area
- Bubble
- Radar
- Funnel
- Surface
- Waterfall
- Composite
- Comparative

The main features presented in this example are the customization of charts by programming, as well as the method used to fill a chart from an HFSQL file or in the editor.
Component : wd250grf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 23
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