• Principle for handling an XML document
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Principle for handling an XML document
To manage an XML document, see Using an xmlDocument variable. This method allows you to use a XSD file.
Several types of specific variables are available:
xmlAttributeThe xmlAttribute type is used to handle the attributes of a node in an XML document.
xmlDocumentThe xmlDocument type is used to handle an XML file.
xmlNamespaceThe xmlNamespace type is used to handle the XML namespace of a node attribute in an XML document.
xmlNodeThe xmlNode type is used to handle a node of an XML document.
Several specific functions can be used to handle the xmlDocument variables
<xmlDocument variable>.BuildStringRetrieves and formats the content of an XML document.
<xmlDocument variable>.ExecuteXPathExecutes an XPATH query in an xmlDocument variable.
<xmlDocument variable>.SaveSaves an XML document in a file.
<xmlDocument variable>.ValidDocumentValidates an XML document from an XSD schema.
<xmlNode variable>.FindNamespaceByNameFinds an XML namespace according to its XML node and in the parents of the node.
<xmlNode variable>.FindNamespaceByURIFinds an XML namespace from its URI (Universal Resource Identifier) in a node and in the parents of this node.
<xmlNode variable>.ValidNodeValidates an XML node, its children and its attributes from its description in the XSD schema linked to the XML document.
Some functions are also linked to the management of XML:
<Source>.ExportXMLExports the records found in a data file (HFSQL or OLE DB), view or query to an XML file.
<Source>.ImportXMLImports an XML file into an HFSQL Classic or Client/Server data file (data file described in the data model editor or declared by <Source>.Declare, <Source>.DeclareExternal or <Source>.DescribeFile).
<Source>.RecordToXMLRetrieves the structure and the value of the current record and exports them into a character string in XML format.
J2EERunXMLRuns a procedure on a server of J2EE XML Web services.
<Looper>.ToXMLCreates an XML file with data from a Looper control (Looper control based on a data file or populated programmatically).
SOAPRunXMLRuns a procedure on a SOAP server.
<Table>.ToXMLCreates an XML file from the data found in a Table or TreeView Table control.
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