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Stored procedures
Converts a Word Processing document into an HTML file.
d is Document = "text.docx"
IF DocToHTML(d, "text.htm") THEN
Info("Document converted to HTML format")
// Exports the content of a Word Processing control to HTML
// Click code of "HTML export" button
DocToHTML(WP_MyDoc, fExeDir() + [fSep] + "wp.htm")
<Result> = DocToHTML(<Document to convert> [, <Path>] [, <Managing the CSS styles>])
<Result>: Boolean or Buffer
  • If <Path> is specified:
    • True if the file was generated,
    • False otherwise. To get more details on the error, use ErrorInfo.
  • If <Path> is not specified, <Result> corresponds to a buffer containing the HTML code.
<Document to convert>: Document variable or control name
Document to use. This document can correspond to:
  • a variable of type Document.
  • WINDEV a Word Processing control.
<Path>: Optional character string
Path of HTML file to generate. If the path is not specified, the HTML code is returned in buffer format.
<Managing the CSS styles>: Optional constant
Style attributes to use:
(Default value)
Applies external CSS styles
The CSS code is generated in a ".CSS" file external to the HTML page. This file is created in the same directory as the generated HTML page. It has the same name as the HTML page, with the ".CSS" extension. A link to this file is added into the HTML code of the page.
If the document contains images, these ones are saved in a subdirectory named like the generated HTML file.
dthWithoutCSSApplies inline CSS styles: the CSS code is generated and integrated into the HTML code of the generated page. Each tag contains the CSS styles applied to it.
If the document contains images, they are integrated and are encoded in base64.
This constant allows, for example, to create an HTML generation adapted to new email messaging.
Remark: if an image contained in an email is over 100 KB, it will be displayed as an attachment, even if it has been encoded in base64.
Business / UI classification: UI Code
Component: wd290mdl.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 22
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Last update: 05/31/2022

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