• Example for displaying the position on a map with a marker
MapAddMarker (Example)
Example for displaying the position on a map with a marker
WINDEVAndroidiPhone/iPad This example is used to display an address on a Map control, with a zoom defined at street level. A marker is added to the position specified by the address.
addrCustomer is Address
// Address to display
addrCustomer.Street = "3 Puech Villa Street"
addrCustomer.ZipCode = "34090"
addrCustomer.City = "Montpellier"
addrCustomer.Country = "FRANCE"
// Zoom at street level
MAP_Customer.Zoom = 16
// According to the platform
<COMPILE IF ConfigurationType=WindowsApplication>
// Coordinates of the address
Coord is gglCoordinate = GglAddressToCoordinates(addrCustomer.Street + ", "+
addrCustomer.ZipCode + " " + addrCustomer.City + " " + addrCustomer.Country)
// Retrieves the longitude and latitude and updates the address
addrCustomer.Position.Latitude = Coord.Latitude
addrCustomer.Position.Longitude = Coord.Longitude
<COMPILE IF ConfigurationType=Android OR ConfigurationType=iOS>
// Updates the address with the latitude and longitude
addrCustomer= geoGetAddress(addrCustomer.Street + ", " + addrCustomer.ZipCode +
" " + addrCustomer.City + " " + addrCustomer.Country)
// Is there a latitude and a longitude for the address?
IF addrCustomer<>Null _AND_ addrCustomer.Position.Latitude <> 0 _AND_
addrCustomer.Position.Longitude <> 0 THEN
AddressMarker is Marker
AddressMarker.Position = addrCustomer.Position
AddressMarker.Name = "Customer address"
AddressMarker..Image = "house.gif"
AddressMarker.ActionClick = ClickOnAddress
// Adds a marker on the position
MapAddMarker(MAP_Customer, AddressMarker)
// Centers the map on the position
IF NOT MapDisplayPosition(MAP_Customer, addrCustomer.Position) THEN
Error("Unable to display this position", ErrorInfo())
// Centers the map on the address but without marker
// because the position was not defined
IF NOT MapDisplayPosition(MAP_Customer, addrCustomer) THEN
Error("Unable to display this address", ErrorInfo())
Info("Approximate position")
INTERNAL PROCEDURE ClickOnAddress(MapMarker is Marker)
ToastDisplay(StringBuild("%1, position: %2 N, %3 E ",
MapMarker.Name, MapMarker.Position.Latitude,
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
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