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  • Step 2: Reserved server setup (WDBaaS)
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Several features in WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile use a BaaS server:
  • User Groupware in BaaS mode (WINDEV, WEBDEV, WINDEV Mobile),
  • Private Store for WINDEV and WINDEV Mobile applications.
The BaaS server used by these features can be:
  • a PCSCLOUD development platform (paid turnkey solution). For more details, see PCSCloud.
  • a custom server.
This help page explains the different steps to configure a BaaS server:
  • A Web server (IIS, Apache or other) must be installed on the computer on which the reserved server will be installed. The web server must be accessible with basic authentication.
  • In the case of mobile applications (Private Store or User Groupware), the web server must:
    • comply with the HTTPS protocol with a certificate issued by a recognized trust authority for iOS and Android mobile devices,
    • allow a maximum content size of HTTPS responses greater than the size of the installations (IPA & APK).
  • The HFSQL server and the reserved server can be installed on two different computers.
  • The reserved server can be installed on a Web server that also hosts a WEBDEV Application Server.
Step 1: HFSQL server setup
The HFSQL server setup program is available in the WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile setup package. If you do not own this setup package, the HFSQL server setup can also be found in our site (
To install the HFSQL server from the WINDEV/WINDEV Mobile setup package:
  1. Start the WINDEV/WINDEV Mobile setup program.
  2. Select "HFSQL server setup".
  3. Then, select "Install or update an HFSQL server".
  4. Accept the license agreement.
  5. Select a platform ("For Windows on this computer").
  6. If there are HFSQL servers already installed on the current computer, select "Install a new server".
  7. Select the installation directory and specify the server name and port. The port 4900 will be used by default.
  8. Specify the login credentials of the user with administrator privileges that will be created by default on the HFSQL server. By default, this user is "Admin" and has no password.
  9. Install (if necessary) the HFSQL Control Center if this one is not found or accessible from your computer.
  10. The wizard prompts you to configure the sending of notifications to identify server problems in real time. Select the desired option.
  11. The wizard allows you to enable the Active Directory authentication. Enable this option if necessary.
  12. You can help us improve by allowing us to collect information regarding the use of our products. This optional and anonymous collect allows PC SOFT to improve the product features.
  13. The installation is completed. By default (if you have not changed the administrator settings), to connect to the server in administrator mode, you must use the "Admin" user without password.
    Note: For security reasons, don't forget to change the administrator password.
Step 2: Reserved server setup (WDBaaS)
The reserved BaaS server is a WEBDEV Application Server reserved for the User Groupware and the Private Store. The configuration of the reserved server is common to User Groupware and the Private Store.
To install the Reserved User Groupware/Private Store server:
  1. Launch the reserved server setup (WX28 0PACKRSRV.exe, located in the "Install\WDServeurR" subdirectory of the WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile installation directory).
  2. Validate the license.
  3. Select the module to install: "Install modules for the user groupware and the Private Store". Go to the next step.
  4. If necessary, select the version of the reserved application server to be installed (32 or 64-bit). Go to the next step.
  5. Select the installation directory.
    Go to the next step.
  6. Specify the characteristics of the HFSQL server used for WDBaaS modules (User Groupware/Private Store).
    Remark: This HFSQL server has been previously installed.
    These characteristics are:
    • Name of the HFSQL server,
    • Port.
    • Name and password of administrator of HFSQL server. This information is required to automatically configure the WDBaaS database and the associated user.
  7. Test the connection to check your parameters.
  8. Specify the parameters specific to the WDBaaS database used by the User Groupware/Private Store:
    • the name of the dedicated database: WDBAAS by default.
    • the username and password for the database.
  9. Specify the password for the WDBaaS data files (existing or to be created).
  10. New in version 28
    Specify the password of the WDBaaS site administrator (User: Admin).
  11. This database and its user will be automatically created.
  12. Go to the next step.
  13. specify whether an SSL connection is required for the remote administration sites.
  14. Go to the next step.
  15. The setup summary is displayed.
  16. Go to the next step.
  17. The wizard checks if there is a Web server on the setup computer.
    • If no web server is installed on the computer, the wizard prompts you to install and configure a server so that you can use the reserved server for the User Groupware and/or Private Store.
    • If there is a web server on the computer, the wizard configures it so that you can use the reserved server for the User Groupware and/or the Private Store.
  18. At the end of the setup, the wizard displays a summary:
    WDBaaS for the User Groupware and the Private Store has been installed.
    WDBaaS server connection token to be provided to the environment development:

    The HFSQL connection parameters are:
    - Server: xxx
    - Database: xxx
    - User xxx - Password: xxx

    File password: xxx

    Copy and store this information. The token to connect to the WDBaaS server must be used:
    • in the User Groupware settings window in your WINDEV project.
    • in the User Groupware / Private Store settings window in your WINDEV Mobile project.
    • in the User Groupware configuration window in your WEBDEV project.
    Important: The reserved server settings are stored in the following file: "C:\ProgramData\WDBaaS\GPUConnection.default.xml"
    This file must be added to the server backup plan. This file will have to be restored if the server is reinstalled or duplicated on a new physical or virtual machine with the same settings.
  19. Finish the wizard. You can directly launch the WDBaaS administration site of the Private Store.
For more details on the use of the Private Store, see:
Remark: If the database name is incorrect, you can restart the setup of the reserved server to specify the right database name and keep the identifiers.
Minimum version required
  • Version 26
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