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Stored procedures
CoordinateScreenToEditor (Function)
In french: CoordonnéeEcranVersEditeur
Converts a size or a position specified in the native dpi of the screen on the device where the application is run to the reference dpi in the editor (160 dpi).
This function is mainly used to perform a positioning at pixel level.
WEBDEV - Server codeWindows This function is available only to simplify the Webification of WINDEV projects.
// Retrieves the size and position of a control as they have been defined in the editor
nX is int = CoordinateScreenToEditor(MyInputControl.X)
nY is int = CoordinateScreenToEditor(MyInputControl.Y)
nWidth is int = CoordinateScreenToEditor(MyInputControl.Width)
nHeight is int = CoordinateScreenToEditor(MyInputControl.Height)
<Result> = CoordinateScreenToEditor(<Value>)
<Result>: Integer
Conversion result: size or position converted into the reference dpi in the editor (160 dpi).
WEBDEV - Server code This parameter always corresponds to <Value>.
<Value>: Integer
Value to convert: size or position specified in the native dpi of the device screen.
  • WINDEV Mobile In the editor, the sizes and positions of the controls in Android, iPhone or Universal Windows 10 App windows always correspond to a 160 dpi screen (dot per inch).
  • Universal Windows 10 AppAndroidAndroid Widget iPhone/iPad When running the application, these sizes and positions are automatically converted according to the native dpi of the screen on the host device. This allows you to get a WYSIWYG rendering regardless of the device dpi. For example, if the size of a control is equal to 100x100 in the editor, its size at run time will be set to 150x150 on a device in 240 dpi, to 200x200 on a device in 320 dpi, etc.
  • CoordinateEditorToScreen allows making the inverted conversion, i.e., from the reference dpi in the editor (160 dpi) to the native dpi of the device on which the application is run.
Component: wd280obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 20
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