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  • Associating an image with a menu option
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Stored procedures
<Menu>.AddOption (Function)
In french: <Menu>.AjouteOption
AjaxNot available
Adds a new menu option at the end of a menu. This menu option runs a procedure passed in parameter. To insert a menu option at a specific location, use <Menu>.InsertOption.
Reminder: The name of the main menu is defined:
  • WINDEV Mobile in the description window of the window.
Versions 16 and later
PHP This function is now available for PHP sites.
New in version 16
PHP This function is now available for PHP sites.
PHP This function is now available for PHP sites.
// Adds a new menu
MENU_MyMenu.AddMenu("OPT_Schedule", "Schedule")
// Adds an option into the new menu
OPT_Schedule.AddOption("OPT_Create", "Create", Create_Schedule)
// Associates an image with the menu option
{"OPT_Create", indControl}..Image = "schedule.png"
// Adds a separator
// Adds a new option
OPT_Schedule.AddOption("OPT_View", "View", View_schedule)
<Result> = <Source menu>.AddOption(<Option to create> , <Caption> , <WLanguage procedure> [, <Procedure parameter>])
<Result>: Integer
Position of the option in the menu. A fatal error occurs if the option was not added.
<Source menu>: Menu name
Name of the menu into which the menu option must be added. The menu option will be added at the end of this menu.
<Option to create>: Character string (with quotes)
Name of the menu option to add. This name will be used to handle the menu option by programming.
A fatal error occurs if this name corresponds to an existing option.
<Caption>: Character string (with quotes)
Caption of the new menu option. This caption will be displayed in the window and it will allow the user to select the option.
<WLanguage procedure>: Procedure name
Name of the WLanguage procedure called when the menu option is selected.
<Procedure parameter>: Optional variant
Parameter that can be passed to <WLanguage procedure> when the menu option is selected by the user.

Associating an image with a menu option

To associate an image with a menu option, use Image.
Related Examples:
WD LastDocuments Sample components (WINDEV): WD LastDocuments
[ + ] This example explains how the list of last opened documents can be added to the application menu.
This insertion is performed via a class proposed in the "LastDocuments" component.
Four code lines are sufficient to insert the list of last opened documents into an existing application.
These processes can be found in:
- the declaration code of the global variables of the main window,
- the code of the OpenDocument procedure,
- the code of the menu options "File 1" to "File 10".
The example has been simplified regarding the number of features (text files only) in order to highlight the use of the component.
Component: wd260obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 23
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