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Stored procedures
Versions 24 and later
iPhone/iPad Some constants are now available for the iPhone/iPad applications.
New in version 24
iPhone/iPad Some constants are now available for the iPhone/iPad applications.
iPhone/iPad Some constants are now available for the iPhone/iPad applications.
The following constants are used by the NFC functions.
nfcDisabledThe NFC sensor is disabled.NFCStatus
nfcEmptyType of data: Empty typenfcData variable
nfcEnabledThe NFC sensor is enabled.NFCStatus
nfcErrDetectionThe NFC tag has exited from the detection control during the write process.NFCWriteTag
nfcErrDisabledThe NFC is not enabled on the device.NFCWriteTag
nfcErrEmulatorFunction called from the emulator.NFCWriteTag
nfcErrFormatThe format of the data to write is invalid.NFCWriteTag
nfcErrMaxSizeThe size of the data to write exceeds the maximum size of data that can be stored on the NFC tag.NFCWriteTag
nfcErrNDEFThe NFC tag cannot be formatted to the NDEF format (NFC Data Exchange Format).NFCWriteTag
nfcErrProtectionThe NFC tag cannot be protected in write mode (mode not supported by the tag).NFCWriteTag
nfcErrReadOnlyThe NFC tag is protected in write mode.NFCWriteTag
nfcErrUnknownUnknown error.NFCWriteTag
nfcMediaType of data: Media data. Can correspond to any resource identified by a MIME type (image, video, document, etc.).nfcData variable
nfcMifareClassicType of tag: NFC Mifare ClassicnfcTag variable
nfcTextType of data: Text data.nfcData variable
nfcType1Type of tag: NFC Forum Type 1nfcTag variable
nfcType2Type of tag: NFC Forum Type 2nfcTag variable
nfcType3Type of tag: NFC Forum Type 3nfcTag variable
nfcType4Type of tag: NFC Forum Type 4nfcTag variable
nfcUnavailableThe device is not equipped with a NFC sensor or this one is not available.NFCStatus
nfcUnknownType of tag: unknown type. Default value if no read operation was performed with the tag.nfcTag variable
nfcURIType of data: URI data (Uniform Ressource Identifier). Can correspond to:
  • the url of a web page (http://www.windev.com),
  • an FTP address (ftp://ftp.windev.com/),
  • a phone number (tel:0123456789),
  • an email address (mailto:adresse@mail.com), etc.
nfcData variable
Minimum version required
  • Version 18
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