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  • This action must be performed only once
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When developing an application for iOS (iPhone or iPad), WINDEV Mobile allows you to test the application being developed without having to recompile it on Mac, but directly on the iPhone or iPad.
Simply download WMDev, available for free on the Apple Store.
Remark: Note that this feature is subject to Apple's discretion and Apple may decide to remove the application to download from its store.
Please accept our apologies in advance if Apple withdraws the application. In that case, this page will be updated with the procedure to follow to maintain this functionality..
How to?


To test an iOS application directly on an iPhone or iPad, the following conditions must be met:
  • the iPhone/iPad and the development computer must be on the same network (Wifi, for example).
  • WMDev must be downloaded to the iPhone/iPad (
  • the following network ports must be open:
    • 64000 (64000 to 64005 if several WINDEV Mobiles are running simultaneously).
    • 27280
    If a firewall is used, it must be configured to allow the use of these ports.

This action must be performed only once

To connect the development computer and the iOS device, simply:
  1. Open an iOS project in WINDEV Mobile.
  2. If necessary, select the IP address of the development computer that corresponds to the network to which the iPhone or iPad is connected:
    • On the "Home" tab, in the "Environment" group, expand "Options" and select "Options of the code editor".
    • Go to the "Debugger" tab and select the IP address in the "IP address used for debugging" area.
  3. Select "GO .. Debug on new iPhone/iPad". The window for connecting to an iOS device appears. This window contains a specific QR code.
  4. Start WMDev on the mobile device (iPhone or iPad).
    • Click "+" and then click the button displaying a bar code.
    • Scan the bar code displayed in WINDEV Mobile in the iOS device connection window.
  5. The mobile application starts on the iOS device.

Running the test

Once the development computer and iOS device have been connected, it is possible to launch the application test directly on the mobile device. Simply select "GO .. Debug on <Mobile name>".
  • The WMDev application must be launched on the mobile for the option to be available.
  • It is not possible to run several debugs simultaneously.
  • WMDEV cannot run native code.
  • The following features cannot be tested:
    • Push notifications.
    • In-App purchases.
    • Background tasks.
    • Beacon tags.
    • Geolocation.
  • New in version 28
    Custom fonts added to the project are taken into account during testing.

Possible problems

The following message appears:
"Unable to connect to this device: the version of WMDev is too old to be used with the debugger"
Solution: Check for WMDev updates on the App Store ( and update the application on the iOS device.
Caution: After the message, the WMDEV update may take several days to become available (as the application is validated by Apple).
Minimum version required
  • Version 24
using a MAC with Parallels
on your parallels window you need to configure your network card as BRIDGED (not shared) then you'll get an ip of the same network as your device.
22 Sep. 2022
Parallels configuration not working?
Hello, I have a MacBook with a parallels configuration. The iPad WMDEV application does not find the server. Ports are authorized, but the application waits for an address that is external, not the one of the internal network
25 Aug. 2019