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Stored procedures
Decodes the information contained in a bar code. This bar code is contained in an image (image displayed in an Image control, file of an image or image in memory).
The type of bar code to be decoded depends on the execution platform:
  • WindowsLinux Only QR Codes can be decoded.
Caution: The bar code must cover a large section of the source image and be sharp and clearly defined for decoding.
// Decode a QR Code from a Camera control
s is Buffer
s = dSaveImageBMP(CAM_NoName1, inMemory)
bc is BarCode
bc = BCDecode(s)
IF ErrorOccurred = False _AND_ bc.TypeBarCode = BC_QRCODE
_AND_ bc.TypeContent =  bcTypeEmail THEN
    Info("Email address: " + bc.Content)
<Result> = BCDecode(<Image>)
<Result>: BarCode variable
BarCode variable initialized with the information read in the bar code.
<Image>: Character string
Image of bar code to decode. This parameter can correspond to:

Handling errors

To find out whether the retrieval failed, use:
  • the ErrorOccurred variable,
  • WindowsLinux the TypeBarCode property of the BarCode variable. If this property differs from BC_QRCODE, the bar code was not detected or decoded.

Decoding QRCode

The table below presents the relationship between the TypeContent and Content properties of the BarCode variable:
Type of contentType of value (..Content)Remark
bcTypeTextCharacter stringExample: "WINDEV is great!"
bcTypePhoneCharacter stringExample: "0612345678"
bcTypeSMSCharacter string
The members of the SMS structure (SMS.Message and SMS.Number) will be automatically filled with the values read in the bar code. The content will correspond to a string in the following format: <Number> + CR + <Message>
Example: "0612345678<CR>Text to send"
bcTypeURLCharacter stringExample: ""
bcTypeMarketCharacter stringExample: "market://search?"
bcTypeWiFiCharacter stringCharacter string in the following format:
<SSID> + TAB + <Security protocol>+ TAB + <Key>
Example: "MyNetwork<TAB>WPA<TAB>pwd"
bcTypeEmailCharacter stringExample: ""
The members of the mContact structure will be automatically filled with the values read in the bar code.
bcTypeLocationgeoPosition variable.
The Latitude and Longitude properties of the variable will be automatically filled with the values read in the barcode.
Component: wd280barc.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 16
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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