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WiFiConnectionInfo (Function)
In french: WiFiInfoConnexion
Returns the requested information about the current Wi-Fi connection of the device.
Info(StringBuild("Your current connection speed is equal to %1 Mbps ", WiFiConnectionInfo(wifiSpeed)))
<Result> = WiFiConnectionInfo([<Type of information>])
<Result>: Character string
  • Requested information. If several types of information are requested, each type of information is separated by a CR character (Carriage Return).
    The order in which the information is returned (if requested) is as follows: wifiSSID + wifiBSSID + wifiIPAddress + wifiMacAddress + wifiSpeed + wifiIDNetwork
  • Empty string ("") if the device is not connected to a Wi-Fi access point. The ErrorOccurred variable is set to True. ErrorInfo returns more information on the error.
<Type of information>: Optional Integer constant
Requested information:
(Default value)
Full information about the connection (corresponds to wifiSSID + wifiBSSID + wifiIPAddress + wifiMacAddress + wifiSpeed + wifiIDNetwork).
WINDEV The value returned for the wifiIPAddress and wifiMacAddress constants corresponds to an empty string.
wifiBSSIDBSSID (Basic Service Set Identifier) of the access point of the connection.
  • Identifier of the network to which the device is connected,
  • Empty string ("") if the device is connected to no identified network.
wifiIPAddressIP address associated with the connection.
WINDEV Constant not available
wifiMACAddressWi-Fi Mac address of the device.
Caution: From Android SDK version 6, the Mac address returned has the following format "02:00:00:00:00:00".
WINDEV Constant not available
wifiSpeedSpeed of the Wi-Fi link (expressed in Mbps).
wifiSSIDSSID (Service Set Identifier) of the Wi-Fi network to which the device is connected.
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[ + ] This application is an example of some of the features of WINDEV Mobile available for Android/iOS.
The following system functions are used:
- Multimedia control
- Brightness
- Volume
- Wi-Fi
- Bluetooth
- Toast
- Compass
- Accelerometer
- Camera control
- Vibration
- Notifications
- Drawing functions
- Internet
Component: wd280com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 16
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Last update: 06/23/2023

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