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Stored procedures
When distributing an application, it may be useful to propose a full version and a limited version:
  • The limited version is supplied by default.
  • The full version requires an activation key.
WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile propose several functions for managing this feature.
How to proceed?


An initial key (a serial number for example) is generated upon request by the application on the client computer. This key is unique: it depends on parameters specific to the current computer (serial number of hard disk, CPU family and model, ...) and to the moment of request.
The client can perform an activation request (by Internet for example) toward the application provider by communicating this initial key.
The provider will generate the activation key from the initial key and communicate it to his client.
Then, the client will be able to enter the initial key and the corresponding activation key to activate his application.

Implementation in the client application

The following steps must be performed by the application used by the client:
  1. Generation and distribution of the initial key:
    • The initial key is generated by KeyGenerateInitialKey.
    • The communication of the initial key to the provider of the application can be performed via an automatic email or via a Web site.
  2. Retrieving the activation key and enabling the application:
    • Retrieving the activation key can be performed by the application or by the input of the key by the end user.
    • The check regarding the conformity between the activation key and the initial key is performed by KeyCompareKey. In case of success, you will have the ability to enable some application features.

Implementation in the application of the provider

The application provider must own an application used to:
  • generate the activation key from an initial key. This generation is performed by KeyCalcActivationKey.
  • transmit the activation key to the client application. You have an ability to send an email for example.
These operations can be proposed by a WEBDEV site or by a Webservice allowing an immediate online activation.
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Minimum required version
  • Version 15
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