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Stored procedures
fParentDir (Function)
In french: fRepParent
Returns the path of the parent directory for the specified directory.
// Displays the parent directory of the current directory
<Result> = fParentDir(<Home directory> [, <Options>])
<Result>: Character string in ANSI or UNICODE format
Can correspond to:
  • Path of the parent directory of <Home directory>.
  • Empty string ("") if the <Home directory> has no parent.
  • ".." if the <Home directory> is set to ".".
  • "..\.." if the <Home directory> is set to "..".
Remark: <Result> and <Home directory> have the same type. For example, if <Home directory> is an ANSI character string, <Result> will be an ANSI character string.
<Home directory>: Character string in ANSI or UNICODE format
Path of the home directory for which the parent directory is sought. This path can be an absolute or relative path, a local or UNC path.
Universal Windows 10 App The directory path corresponds to a relative path in relation to the current directory. The current directory corresponds to the data directory of application.
Reminder: Only the directories found in the data directory associated with the application can be used.
<Options>: Optional Integer constant
Options taken into account:
fRelativePathThe returned path will always be a relative path (even if <Base directory> corresponds to an absolute path)

Universal Windows 10 App This parameter is ignored.
Component: wd290std.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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Last update: 08/22/2022

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