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  • Properties specific to the description of gglAdWMobileImageAd variables
  • List of mobile carriers
  • Image formats that must be used for the mobile image ads
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gglAdWMobileImageAd (Type of variable)
In french: gglAdWAnnonceMobileIllustrée (Type de variable)
From version 17, this feature is not available anymore. To use Google AdWords, see the corresponding Google API: https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/guides/start
The gglAdWMobileImageAd type is used to describe a Google AdWords marketing ad whose type is "Mobile Image ad". The mobile illustrated ads are graphic AdWords ads. They are displayed on mobile Web sites.
The characteristics of this mobile image ad can be defined and modified by several WLanguage properties.
Remark: See Declaring a variable for more details on the declaration of this type of variable and the use of WLanguage properties.

Properties specific to the description of gglAdWMobileImageAd variables

The following properties can be used to handle an ad whose type is "Mobile Image ad":
Name Type used Effect
ExemptionRequestCharacter stringText used to explain why the ad does not comply with the use conditions of the service (up to 300 characters). This text can also be used to ask for an exception to this violation.
  • True if the ad was disapproved by Google,
  • False otherwise. This property is available in read-only.
StateString constantCurrent status of ad.
The available values are:
  • gglActive: The ad is active.
  • gglPaused: The ad is paused.
  • gglDeleted: The ad is deleted.
IdentifierCharacter stringIdentifier of the ad. This identifier is associated with the ad by the Google AdWords service when creating the ad. This property is available in read-only.
GroupIdentifierCharacter stringIdentifier of ad group to which the ad belongs. This property can be used in write mode when creating the ad only. In the other cases, this property is available in read-only.
ImagegglAdWImageCharacteristics of the image associated with the image ad.
MarkupLanguageCharacter stringCodes of languages that will be used for the mobile ad, separated by CR characters (Carriage Return).
The possible languages are as follows:
  • HTML
  • WML
MobileCarrierCharacter stringList of mobile carriers to use. The elements of this list must be in the "Name@country" format, separated by CR characters (Carriage Return). To specify that all carriers can be used, use the "ALLCARRIERS" keyword.
TypeCharacter stringType of the ad. This property is available in read-only.
The type of a mobile image ad is "MobileImageAd".
DisplayedURLCharacter stringURL displayed in the ad (up to 20 characters). For the ads that target Japan, the limit is set to 10 Japanese characters. There is no need to specify "http://" in this address. For example: "mysite.com".
DestinationURLCharacter stringURL associated with the ad (up to 200 characters). This URL must have the following format: "http://domain name". For example: "http://www.mysite.com". When the URL is clicked, the corresponding page will be displayed in the browser of Web user.
Remark: These properties can be handled by using one of the following syntaxes:
  • <Variable name>..<Property name>
  • <Variable name>.<Property name>

List of mobile carriers

The list of mobile carriers available when publishing this documentation is as follows:
Carrier - Country
KDDI/au - JP
Vodafone - JP
T-Mobile - DE
Vodafone - DE
E-Plus - DE
O2 - DE
T-Mobile - GB
Vodafone - GB
O2 - GB
Orange - GB
Cingular - US
Sprint - US
Verizon - US
T-Mobile - US
Nextel - US
China Mobile - CN
See the following help page for more details: http://code.google.com/intl/en/apis/adwords/docs/developer/MobileAd.html, mobileCarriers item.

Image formats that must be used for the mobile image ads

The supported image formats are as follows: .gif, .jpg and.png (portable network graphics).
See the help of Google AdWords for more details.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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