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  • Animating a group of controls
  • Special cases
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Stored procedures
Makes a control (or a group of controls) visible in a window. During this operation, an animation can be performed on the controls.
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// Makes the GR_Name group of controls visible
ControlVisible(GR_Name, animFadeIn, 200)
ControlVisible(<Control name> [, <Type of animation> [, <Animation duration>]])
<Control name>: Character string (with or without quotes)
Name of the control or group of controls that must be made visible.
<Type of animation>: Optional Integer constant
Type of animation to play:
animScrollBottomScroll to the bottom.
animScrollRightScroll to right.
animScrollLeftScroll to left.
animScrollTopScrolling to the top.
animFlipDownwardDiagonalFlip around the diagonal from the top left point to the bottom right point.
animFlipUpwardDiagonalFlip around the diagonal from the top right point to the bottom left point.
animFadeInFade-in animation.
animOverlap4CornerThe image is displayed from the 4 corner while the previous status is overlapped.
animOverlapBottomScrolling to the bottom while the previous status is overlapped.
animOverlapRightScrolling to the right while the previous status is overlapped.
animOverlapLeftScrolling to the left while the previous status is overlapped.
animOverlapTopScrolling to the top while the previous status is overlapped.
animOverlapZoomNew status appearing from the center with a zoom effect while the previous status is overlapped.
animShrinkThen4CornerThe previous status is shrunk then the new status is appearing from the 4 corners.
<Animation duration>: Optional integer or optional Duration
Duration of animation in hundredths of a second. This parameter can correspond to:
  • an integer corresponding to the number of hundredths of a second,
  • a Duration variable,
  • Versions 23 and later
    a clear description of the duration (e.g., '1cs' or '10 ms').
    New in version 23
    a clear description of the duration (e.g., '1cs' or '10 ms').
    a clear description of the duration (e.g., '1cs' or '10 ms').
We recommend that you use a short duration (up to 1 second).
The application is locked as long as the animation is not over. If the user clicks or preses a key, the animation is stopped and the controls are displayed in their final status.
Reports and Queries

Animating a group of controls

If <Control name> corresponds to a group of controls, the animation is played in the rectangle defined by the control at the top left and the one at the bottom right.
The controls that do not belong to the group of controls but found in this area will also be animated.

Special cases

  • ControlVisible has no effect if the control or the group of controls are visible.
  • ..Visible can also be used to make the controls visible. This property cannot be used to play an animation during this operation. In Windows Mobile and in Linux, ..Visible and ControlVisible are equivalent.
Component : wd250obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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