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Stored procedures
ConstantDescriptionUsed by the function
snmpAccessNoneThe OID is not accessible.SNMPOIDAccess
snmpAccessReadOnlyThe OID is accessible in read-only.SNMPOIDAccess
snmpAccessReadWriteThe OID is accessible in read/write.SNMPOIDAccess
snmpAccessUnknownError: ErrorInfo returns more details about the problem.SNMPOIDAccess
snmpAccessWriteOnlyThe OID is accessible in write-only.SNMPOIDAccess
snmpStatusDeprecatedThe OID is deprecated: it was replaced by one or more other OIDs but its value is still specified.SNMPOIDStatus
snmpStatusMandatoryThe OID is mandatory.SNMPOIDStatus
snmpStatusObsoleteThe OID is obsolete and it must not be specified anymore.SNMPOIDStatus
snmpStatusOptionalThe OID is optional.SNMPOIDStatus
snmpStatusUnknownError: ErrorInfo returns more details about the problem.SNMPOIDStatus
snmpTypeBitsThe OID contains bits.SNMPSet, SNMPGet, SNMPGetNext, SNMPOIDType
snmpTypeCounter32The OID is a counter (signed integer on 32 bits).SNMPSet, SNMPGet, SNMPGetNext, SNMPOIDType
snmpTypeCounter64The OID is a counter (signed integer on 64 bits).SNMPSet, SNMPGet, SNMPGetNext, SNMPOIDType
snmpTypeIntegerThe OID contains an integer.SNMPSet, SNMPGet, SNMPGetNext, SNMPOIDType
snmpTypeIPAddressThe OID contains an IP address.SNMPSet, SNMPGet, SNMPGetNext, SNMPOIDType
snmpTypeNullThe OID is not associated with a value (a branch with child elements but without value by itself for example).SNMPSet, SNMPGet, SNMPGetNext, SNMPOIDType
snmpTypeOIDThe OID contains an OID.SNMPSet, SNMPGet, SNMPGetNext, SNMPOIDType
snmpTypeOpaqueThe OID contains a value that cannot be interpreted directly.SNMPSet, SNMPGet, SNMPGetNext, SNMPOIDType
snmpTypeProgressBarThe OID contains a progress bar.SNMPSet, SNMPGet, SNMPGetNext, SNMPOIDType
snmpTypeStringThe OID contains a string.SNMPSet, SNMPGet, SNMPGetNext, SNMPOIDType
snmpTypeTicksThe OID contains a number of ticks.SNMPSet, SNMPGet, SNMPGetNext, SNMPOIDType
snmpTypeUnknownError: ErrorInfo returns more details about the problem.SNMPOIDType
snmpTypeUnsignedIntegerThe OID contains an unsigned integer.SNMPSet, SNMPGet, SNMPGetNext, SNMPOIDType
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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