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  • Calendar of a Lotus Notes or Outlook messaging
  • Android calendar
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Stored procedures
Adds an appointment:
  • WINDEVWEBDEV - Server code in a Lotus Notes or Outlook calendar. The Appointment structure is used to define the data of this contact.
    Reminder: This function cannot be used to add an appointment to an Outlook Express calendar.
  • AndroidAndroid Widget in a calendar on an Android device.
  • iPhone/iPad in a calendar on an iOS device.
WINDEVWEBDEV - Server code
// Start a Lotus Notes session
SessionID is int
SessionID = EmailStartNotesSession("Password", "MarsServer", ...
"email/julia.nsf", "C:\Lotus Notes\")
// Initialize the variables of the Appointment structure
// Fill the variables for the new appointment
mAppointment.Subject = "Sales meeting"
mAppointment.StartDate ="20070125100000"
mAppointment.Location = "Room 3B"
mAppointment.NbParticipant = 3
mAppointment.Participant[1] = "Robert"
mAppointment.Participant[2] = "Lucas"
mAppointment.Participant[3] = "Stephen"
// Add the appointment
IF AppointmentAdd(SessionID) = True THEN
Info("Appointment added")
Error("Error during the addition", ErrorInfo())
AndroidAndroid Widget iPhone/iPad
gAPT is Appointment
gCal is Calendar
arrCalendar is array of Calendar
// Retrieves the list of calendars
arrCalendar = AppointmentListCalendar()
gCal = arrCalendar[1]
// Add a new appointment into the first calendar
gAPT.Title = EDT_Title
gAPT.StartDate = EDT_StartDate + EDT_StartTime
gAPT.EndDate = EDT_EndDate + EDT_EndTime
gAPT.Location = EDT_Location
gAPT.Content = EDT_Desc
IF EDT_TimeZone <> "" THEN
gAPT.TimeZone = EDT_TimeZone
gAPT.Author = EDT_Author
gAPT.Guest = EDT_Guests
gAPT.WholeDay = CBOX_WholeDay[1]
IF AppointmentAdd(gCal, gAPT) THEN
ToastDisplay("APT added")

Adding an appointment to a Lotus Notes or Outlook calendar Hide the details

<Result> = AppointmentAdd(<Session identifier>)
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the addition was performed,
  • False otherwise. To get more details on the error, use ErrorInfo.
<Session identifier>: Integer
Session ID to be used. This identifier is returned by one of the following functions: EmailStartNotesSession, EmailStartOutlookSession, NotesOpenDatabase or OutlookStartSession.
AndroidAndroid Widget iPhone/iPad

Adding an appointment to a calendar on an Android/iOS device Hide the details

<Result> = AppointmentAdd(<Calendar> , <Appointment>)
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the addition was performed,
  • False otherwise. To get more details on the error, use ErrorInfo.
<Calendar>: Calendar variable
Name of the Calendar variable that corresponds to the Android/iOS calendar the appointment will be added to.
<Appointment>: Appointment variable
Name of the Appointment variable that corresponds to the appointment that will be added to the specified calendar on the Android/iOS device.
WINDEVWEBDEV - Server codeReports and QueriesUser code (UMC)

Calendar of a Lotus Notes or Outlook messaging

  • When creating an appointment with reminder in Outlook, the reminder is immediately displayed regardless of the appointment date.
  • The added appointments are "meeting" appointments (instead of "appointment" appointments). To change the type of appointment, modify the "AppointmentType" control of the new appointment (with NotesModifyItem, for example).
    The different possible values for the types are as follows:
    • "0": appointment
    • "1": anniversary
    • "2": event
    • "3": meeting
    • "4": reminder
    NotesModifyItem(ID, "AppointmentType", "0")
  • In Outlook, the management mode of contacts/participants can be specified when starting the session (EmailStartOutlookSession or OutlookStartSession).
AndroidAndroid Widget

Android calendar

  • AppointmentAdd can be used in the emulator but not in the simulator.
Component: wd280com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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