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Stored procedures
The Contact structure is a preset structure of WLanguage (no declaration is required). This structure is used to:
  • create or modify a contact.
  • retrieve the content of a contact.
The different variables of the Contact structure
The structure contains the following members:
Anniversary's date of contact
Date of birth of contact
mContact.CivilStatusCharacter string.
Gender of contact.
mContact.CompanyCharacter string.
Name of the company where the contact works.
Creation date of the contact
mContact.DepartmentCharacter string.
Department where the contact works.
mContact.EmailArray of character strings.
Email address of contact.
To access the different email addresses of the contact, use the following format:
mContact.Email[<Address Num>]
Where <Address Num> corresponds to the number of the requested email address. The number of email addresses for a contact is returned by mContact.NbEmail.
mContact.FirstName2Character string.
Middle name of contact.
mContact.FirstNameCharacter string.
First name of the contact.
mContact.HomeAddressCharacter string.
Contact address.
mContact.HomeCityCharacter string.
Home city of the contact.
mContact.HomeCountryCharacter string.
Country corresponding to the address of the contact.
mContact.HomeFaxCharacter string.
Fax number of the contact.
mContact.HomePhoneCharacter string.
Home phone number of the contact.
mContact.HomeStateCharacter string.
Home state of the contact.
mContact.HomeZipCodeCharacter string.
Zip code for the address of the contact.
mContact.IDCharacter string.
Unique identifier of contact.
Date of last contact modification.
mContact.MobilePhoneCharacter string.
Mobile phone of the contact.
mContact.NameCharacter string.
Name of contact.
Number of email addresses for the contact.
mContact.NotesCharacter string.
Note attached to a contact and to his address.
mContact.OccupationCharacter string.
Occupation of the contact.
mContact.OfficeAddressCharacter string.
Business address of the contact.
mContact.OfficeCityCharacter string.
Business city of the contact.
mContact.OfficeCountryCharacter string.
Country corresponding to the business address of the contact.
mContact.OfficeFaxCharacter string.
Business fax number of the contact.
mContact.OfficeMobilePhoneCharacter string.
Business mobile phone of the contact.
mContact.OfficePagerCharacter string.
Pager number of the contact.
mContact.OfficePhoneCharacter string.
Business phone number of the contact.
mContact.OfficeStateCharacter string.
Business state of the contact.
mContact.OfficeZipCodeCharacter string.
Zip code for the business address of the contact.
Indicates whether there is a current contact.
Indicates whether the contact is private or not.
mContact.WebSiteCharacter string.
Address of Internet page of contact.


The Contact structure does not manage an "Other" address (different from the business address and the home address).
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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