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Error 31: The file to include is not found. Check the name and path ...
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This line of code uses the EXTERN keyword with a file name. The file is not found because:
  • The name of the file is incorrect (spelling mistake in the file name for example).
  • The path used to find the file is incorrect (the specified path does not exist for example).
Reminder: The EXTERN keyword is used to insert a file into the WLanguage code. By default, if no path is specified for the file, the file is sought in the project directory.
Check the path and name of the file to include in the code.
Remark: The "Personal\WLanguage" subdirectory of WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile can be used to store the files to include. In this case, the path is automatic: the file is automatically sought in this directory.

Using a file name that does not exist in the project directory

Code triggering the error
EXTERN "Constants.txt"
Possible correction
Create the file or modify the access path to the file.
EXTERN "C:\Constants\Constants.txt"
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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